Design is the foundation in human life, as it is regarded as the basic skill for living. Thinking, planning and doing, all the behavior with a purpose belongs to “design”. So you may say the universe is the greatest designer, no matter the trajectory of the planets, or the fineness pattern on the butterfly’s wings, all be designed by the perfect nature ecosystem.

There is a fact that still concerns us: most design works are created for efficiency improvement. The first and second industrial revolution were active the using of design, the booming of Consumerism made design became a part of personal identity. Therefore, it’s more focus on to meet the current needs instead of considering sustainable development. As a result, this kind of design brings bigger problems: the mass production cause waste, too much vehicle is increasing the pollution of traffic and the environment… We always try to use “the next design” to cover the problem, but it hard be solved fundamentally.

It makes us get into a situation that design, which is supposed to be a fixer, has now become the problem itself. Therefore, sometimes we couldn't give positive comments to a design as it bore to solve an irresponsibility pre-design problem, no matter how well this design is. Because it could never exist if we did the thinking, and created a more sustainable design before.


Different from the design in nature, our design couldn’t avoid the influence of time and society. During human evolution, we need something to stand as a light, to take the responsibility as a thinker, to make the judgment while facing the mass and complex situation. In front of the perfect nature system, we have the confidence that our design participation is an improvement but a kind of damage? As a designer, our responsibility is to build a dynamic connection between the history and future. We may not always find the meaning of the design, but using design thinking while making the design as an answer to the true problem, must be an important part of design meanings.

Design is the energetic acknowledgement of our own living world through the making of things and through communication.
- Kenya Hara <Designing Design>

As a thinker and creator, the design should be a medium between people, object and environment. When we mention “creation and innovation”, it is not meant to create completely new things, but take the creativity as a trigger to activate the unknown or be ignored things in our daily life. So we can say that this kind of design tries to build a system that contains all the participators as a co-creator, therefore they have an opportunity to understand themselves and the world from a completely different angle.   


FRUSTUM takes design as a discovery process. Discover the meaning of life, the meaning of self-awareness, the meaning of the connection between all the elements around. What makes “ it “ become it? We focus on looking for the attraction behind the temporary pathway.  The meaning of design is no longer limited in delivery a design work, but explore the value of inspiration for creativity thought solutions.

Therefore designer’s self-expression never the priority of our design work. We want designing the design to inspire personal emotion as well as individual expression. It contains “ human value” and “social value”, meanwhile it makes us reconsider the relationship between the environment and our self. The ideal design is a journey,  for both designers and users, to observation, creation, and optimization. Not for satisfying someone’s expectation of success but brings more rational value with the involvement of design. This vision no doubt is a challenge for us, but also a new moment, for us as well as all the participators, to understandings the diversity of our life and living environment.


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