Once up a time, one of the greatest Chinese poets, Su Shi had wrote : 

The moon does wax, the moon dose wane.
And so men meet and say goodbye.
I only pray our life be long.
And our souls together heavenward fly.

This is the eastern moon, it’s about the feeling to relationship, to the country.

Our imagination to the moon has influences of our societies and cultures since time immemorial. The Mid-autumn Festival is one of the most important days for family unit. We share the view, enjoy the music, celebrating all night until the sun raises. Everyone is equal before nature. This respect demonstrates the depth of our sensibilities to the universe, it also roots the eastern philosophy.

This is eastern thinking. It makes the foundation of our self-awareness, the attitude to family and country. We created a name, an object to represent our thankful to nature, to unknown force. Like “moon paper” which contains image of moon palace and rabbit, the “paper lanterns” for the celebration and wish the dead rest in peace.

All those object and meaning come from the observation of our ancestor, then it became a common symbol in our culture, what’s more, in our memory. It builds the connection between people, nature and the generations, the to be a culture memory.

“Houston, TranquilityBase here. The Eagle has landed.”

This is the first message that human received from space. The Apollo 11 mission was a significant millstone in human history. It represented the fact that all imagination about the moon, since Ancient times, replaced by truly observation and touch. Or we could say that, this little step has led a new pathway to understand the space and universe. It also, influenced people’s mind and understand since then.

The moon landing memories are a strong mark on western culture. People became more confidence while demanded more space for self-expression. With the exploration of curiosity and imagination, we went into the “Space Age”. A lot of material (plastic, metal, PVA…) had been used in new areas, like fashion, furniture design, etc. The geometrical figure represented as part of the Futurism design language. We truly believe that there are no limits of human and human’s creativity.

The surface of the moon is actually dark. We could see the moonlight just because it consists of mostly sunlight reflected on the parts of the Moon’s surface where the Sun’s light strikes, as well as influence the the Moon's appearance. The moon is in synchronous rotation as it orbits Earth. Like our culture memory always stands deep in our mind, influencing our subconscious and behavior. Realizing the beauty and force of this memory, transform into our design language will no doubt be a unique powerful expression. The creation of design is more about finding the inner connection between environment and culture, make people reconsider daily life which has been taken for granted.

This time, the FRUSTUM’s want to say “happy Mid-autumn Festival” by a design project about our culture and memory: to represent East/ West moon symbology with FRUSTUM design language. With “colorful paper lanterns”, this traditional material, we would show how cultural memory “influences” our designs, and how the design work represent everyone’s individual experience. 

The design concept came from the structure of our studio. It combines our imagination about the moon with our life/work environment. The moon rabbits like all the Frustum design members, they stay with the moon as the moon orbits Earth.

The biggest rabbit stand in front of the moon, just like the Chinese legend story. The red rocket means the influence of western culture, but also, comes form the toy rocket in our studio. 

We created this moon palace base of our life experience and observation to the world. Subject with material, object with environment, our attitude towards life, all those elements cross together are constituted our own design expression. What’s more, it contains diverse different elements while making the co-existence possible.

Everyone has the individual moon memory. And design, lights the best side of it.

We want to say happy The Mid-autumn Festival, and we want to share our wish and happiness through our design work and memory.



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